Compound Exercises

For the first week of my experiment, I’ll be sticking with compound exercises.  Sticking with the diet will be my main concern and I don’t want to risk overwhelming myself with doing too much.  So three days of compound exercises should do it.  Because I think variety is important, I’ll be adding some isolation movements next week.

A great benefit of doing compound movements is you get more done is less time.  Time is a precious commodity and I can get my workout done in 30 minutes (not including cardio).  With these sorts of exercises, you can superset and cut downtime drastically.

And according to Critical Bench, “Due to the increased amount of muscle used for the movements, [compound movements] are better at sending your endocrine system a ‘distress call’ to pump out more anabolic hormones such as testosterone and growth hormone.” Just what my puny 10 inch biceps need!

Here’s a list of some common exercises that will get you pumped up in no time:
Clean and Press

Here’s a quick video on some of the ones I’ve been working on:


~ by veganfitnessexperiment on August 8, 2008.

2 Responses to “Compound Exercises”

  1. i used to work out on my own in the gym. for the past week, i’ve been attending strength training classes in the gym where the instructor puts you through a whole set of routines targeting different areas. four such classes, and i ca see a huge difference from when i work out on my own, even though i use heavier weights while going solo. if your gym has such a class, i strongly recommend it. i also find swimming to be a wonderful total body workout without hurting my knees or straining anything.

  2. Just wanted to wish you luck!

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